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Grown and distributed with care and conscience

The future of organics is bright and it’s here. The strongest growing food sector in North America today, its benefits - including lower pesticide exposure and environmental impact - are well known and a key factor in the increasing consumer demand for organic produce.

While going organic has become a way of life for widespread and growing populations in Canada and beyond, Burnac Produce leads the way in providing a full-suite of the world’s finest organic fruits and vegetables on the market today.

By choosing Burnac Produce Organics, you are supporting an international group of farmers and food producers committed to the highest standards of quality, sustainability, safety and nutrition, from seed to store.

Our Organic Standards

Burnac’s superior selection of organic fruits and vegetables are produced and managed with rigorously approved methods. Our operations meet all specified requirements, verified by CSI (a USDA-accredited certifying agent), earning our products the esteemed USDA organic label.

To achieve this certification, operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity and using only approved substances. This is something we firmly believe in and strictly maintain with our growers.

More information about Organics, Certified Organic Operation and Burnac Produce’s strict standards can be found at:

Working with Organic Growers

Burnac’s dedicated organics department carries more than 100 SKUs of certified organic produce—from apples to zucchini and everything in between. Building on decades of experience, proven expertise and key relationships within the domestic and international produce markets, we have cemented our place as a world-class and trusted distributor of organic fruits and vegetables across Canada and North America. We deliver from local producers and select farms around the world (U.S., Spain, Mexico, Israel, Italy) to 300 retailers (including supermarket chains, independent grocers, food service companies and box companies for home delivery) and wholesalers coast to coast.

Our core commitment to quality produce, vast selection, best practices, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer-driven service remains as strong today as it was when we opened our doors in the 1930s. While we continue to evolve alongside a changing marketplace to meet the astute demands of our customers, these core values continue to define our business acumen.

As with all Burnac products, the quality and variety of our organic produce is matched only by the stringent health and safety standards of our operations. These include:

  • Strict checks and balances to ensure working environments are safe for employees and suppliers
  • Hands-on food safety and quality control at all points of the supply chain
  • Applying and developing key principles of sustainability in an ongoing effort to improve environmental performance and reduce our eco-footprint

Our organics product offering is based on demand, seasonal availability and quality, assuring you the best of the best, all year round!

Here are just some of our most popular organic certified products.



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