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Our Mission

We act with honesty and integrity in developing sustainable partnerships, providing quality products and service through innovation, driven by our dedicated personnel and resources.

Our Core Values

Embrace Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are solutions driven.  We take calculated risks, using our disciplined processes and procedures to guide us in achieving desired results with a long term vision.

Pursue Excellence

With a focus on continuous improvement, in pursuit of finding a better, more effective way, we strive to provide exceptional service and quality, excelling in every aspect of our business.

Cultivate High Performing Relationships

Recognizing that our strength is people, we foster a learning and development culture providing endless opportunities for our partnerships and people to grow.  We leverage our complementary skills and assume joint accountability towards achieving the collective mission.

Harness The Power Of Passion

Driven to do what’s right, we channel our passion to make a positive difference, provide a sense of accomplishment and inspire a culture of trust, mutual respect, honesty and integrity.  

Lorne Burnett, MBA
Co-Chairman of the Board and
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Burnac Produce Limited


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