Jim Shepherd

Managing Director, Provincial Fruit Co. Limited

From the loading docks to the boardroom, Jim Shepherd’s career in the produce business spans nearly 40 years.

It began in 1974, when Jim started working the docks and unloading the trucks for a wholesaler in Toronto. He worked his way up to foreman in shipping and receiving, then moved on to sales.

In 1985 he joined a produce brokerage firm, where he began to learn about and enjoy sourcing product from around the world. By 1995, Jim owned an importing and third-party warehousing company.

His journey led him back to the Burnac family in 2009, when he joined Provincial Fruit Co. Ltd. as Director.

Jim’s commitment to honesty and integrity has led to many successful, long-term relationships with customers, shippers, and colleagues. His expertise makes him a welcome addition to the senior management team.

(416) 259-5001 cell: (416) 518-5388