Product Preservation

It cools fast, provides constant low temperature storage, maintains the integrity of your product, and prevents contamination. It’s Deepchill™ Variable-State Ice – and Burnac has it.

Deepchill™ is a highly advanced preservation process that can evenly reduce the core temperature of a product by 15° to 20°C in just 60 seconds, without freezing or freezer burn.

Because Deepchill™ ice is distributed through a completely sealed environment, it is never exposed to any outside contaminants. Once applied, the ice crystals completely surround the product gaps and all, providing better cooling and superior protection from airborne contaminants.

Your product isn’t the same as any other. Burnac’s Deepchill™ process is versatile enough to adjust to your needs. The ice crystals are non-abrasive and adapt to variable temperatures and ice states, so they’re suitable for any application.

Trust your quality product to Burnac and Deepchill™.